About Us

Emily Carter

Living in Orlando, I quickly learned that fruit flies weren’t just a seasonal annoyance; they were a relentless challenge that required a smart, persistent approach. With a background in home economics and a natural inclination towards DIY projects, I was determined not to let these tiny pests overrun my space. I started experimenting with various traps and methods, turning my kitchen and garage into a testing ground for everything from homemade concoctions to the latest gadgets on the market.

My real breakthrough came when I realized that there wasn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Each home, each infestation, had its unique aspects. I began tailoring my approaches, combining different techniques and customizing traps. The more I experimented, the more I learned about their behaviors and preferences. It was a trial-and-error process, but it led to some highly effective strategies.

Seeing the widespread struggle with fruit flies, I decided to share my experiences and knowledge. That’s why I created fruitflytrap.net. It’s a platform where I review and compare different fruit fly traps and share tips on preventing infestations. My goal is to help others reclaim their homes from these persistent pests, using the insights I’ve gained from years of battling them in one of the most fruit fly-prone regions in the US.

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Emily Carter