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Hello! I'm Emily, the face behind Born and raised in Orlando, Florida, I've turned my everyday challenge with fruit flies into a passion for finding effective solutions.

With a background in home economics and a love for DIY projects, I've always been drawn to practical, hands-on approaches. My journey began at home, amidst the citrus groves of the Sunshine State, where fruit flies are more than just a seasonal nuisance. Determined to reclaim my space, I started experimenting with various traps and methods, transforming my kitchen and garage into a real-life testing ground.

What I discovered was that there's no universal solution to fruit fly management. Each infestation is unique, requiring tailored strategies. My persistent trial-and-error process not only taught me about fruit fly behaviors and preferences but also led to the development of highly effective techniques.

Realizing the widespread struggle with these pesky invaders, I decided to share my insights and experiences. Hence, was born – a platform where I review and compare different fruit fly traps and share practical tips on preventing infestations. My aim is to empower others to tackle fruit fly challenges effectively, drawing on my years of experience in one of the most fruit fly-prone regions in the U.S.

Thank you for visiting, and I hope you find the resources here helpful in your battle against fruit flies!

Emily Carter